Comprehensive Assessments

Sex & Love Addiction Assessment

Our comprehensive sex & love addiction assessment helps determine if an issue with sex or love addiction exists and how best to treat the issues.  Therapist will work with client to develop an individualized treatment plan to address specific issues. This assessment will examine past and present behaviors and help to determine level of risk and how to best approach to eliminating risk factors causing addiction issues to persist.

This confidential sex & love addiction assessment will address:


  • sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • risk and consequences associated with addiction
  • assess readiness to address and change addictive behaviors
  • assess readiness to be in close and stable relationships
  • help differentiate between types of sex and love addicts in order to determine core issues for treatment

Think you might be a sex addict?

Use this simple self-test to help find out.

Treatment Services:
  • Individual therapy for those struggling with sex and love addiction
  • Individual therapy for the partners of sex addicts
  • Couples therapy
  • Comprehensive sexual addiction assessments

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